• How To Recover From A Bad Drive

    All golfers hit terrible shots, yet hitting two awful shots in succession can truly cost you. In the event that you hit an awful tee shot, at times the best practice is to take your solution, get back in play and breaking point the harm. In this video, Scott Cranfield discloses how to do that successfully. 

    Consider Your Options 

    Wherever you discover your ball off the tee, you have various alternatives. On the off chance that you ball is in a horrendous lie, with no way of recuperation, you can take a drop. Be that as it may, consider whether you can propel the ball 30 or 40 yards and get back in play. You don't need to hit a full shot, some of the time simply chipping it back to the fairway can be simpler than you might suspect and spare you shots. 

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    Frequently in the event that you ball is close to a tree or a shrub, you should adjust your swing or potentially position to hit the ball. Be prepared to extemporize and do what is expected to get in a position to save your ball and your score. 


    Pick The Correct Loft 

    Since we frequently need to twist or extend to get in position, the space of the club can be changed fundamentally from an ordinary set-up position. Make certain to survey both your position, the lie and the inconvenience around you so you give yourself the most obvious opportunity to get back in play. On the off chance that you have to hit the ball short, however low, don't get a wedge. In like manner, if the ball should be situated well back in your position, make certain to take enough space to take into account this position.

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